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Getting Started

Below is a small comparison of the most popular board game card sleeve brands. It should help you decide which brand is right for your collection.


Board Game Sleeves Medium
Fantasy Flight Supply High
Mayday (Premium) Medium
Mayday (Standard) Low
Ultra Pro Medium1


Board Game Sleeves Mid-range
Fantasy Flight Supply Expensive
Mayday (Premium) Mid-range
Mayday (Standard) Inexpensive
Ultra Pro Mid-range


Board Game Sleeves Good
Fantasy Flight Supply Tall
Mayday (Premium) Varies2
Mayday (Standard) Varies2
Ultra Pro Good
1 Ultra Pro has a logo embossed on each sleeve
2 Mayday has a card sleeve guarantee

Once you have decided which brands you like, search for a board game you want to sleeve and Sleeve Your Games will provide you with the type and quantity of sleeves you need, grouped by brand.