Release Notes

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Minor Update 1.5.0
  • Migrated to new servers. This will allow for quicker load times and better scaling.
  • Login sessions now last a week, even if the server is reset.
  • Cleaned up inventory, rating and collection pages.
  • Modified filter UI to reduce page space while remaining intuitive.

Minor Update 1.4.0
  • Users can now log in through Google or the brand new Passwordless login. The Passwordless login links your email address to your user account. Any time you want to log in, Sleeve Your Games will send you an email that contains a login link. This allows you to login without the need for a password or the use of social media. If you currently setup your account through Google, you can still use the Passwordless login.
  • Removed Facebook and Board Game Atlas login options. It appears both were not working for a while and with the new login method it seems less necessary.
  • Cleaned up inventory, rating and collection pages.