Release Notes

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Minor Update 2.6.0
  • Cleaned up FAQ.
  • Added Cranio Creation PYN Sleeves
  • Cleaned up a few UI spacing issues
  • Change cards that are 79x120 to 80x120

Minor Update 2.5.0
  • Adding / editing games and expansions is now easier and follows a single process.

Minor Update 2.4.0
  • You can now edit games. Adding / editing games without an account will now be easier for me to verify and shouldn't take so long too be added.
  • You can now share your shopping list with friends.
  • Sleeve ratings now appear on your collection page. This allows you to track what sleeves you used for each game.
  • Fixed bug that prevented searching by sleeve status on the inventory page.
  • Add dark mode.

Minor Update 2.3.0
  • Fixed issue with adding expansions. If you stil experience an issue please let me know.
  • Adding a game now tells you which game you selected after you choose a game from the search results.
  • Added option to add game anywhere the option for request a game is displayed.
  • When there are multiple editions, the list of games now includes the publisher.

Minor Update 2.2.0
  • Browse and Collection pages now default to 50 records instead of 25
  • Browse and Collection pages now ignores articles at the front of the game name like "the" and "a" when performing a sort.
  • User ratings now display all ratings, not just those in your collection.
  • Game page now correctly indicates if the game is in your colletion and any sleeves you have rated.
  • Guide page can now filter by card dimensions

Minor Update 2.1.0
  • Home screen provides more information with less real estate.
  • Users are now able to add games and expansions without logging in.
  • Publishers not show up in the dropdown when adding a game/expansion

Major Update 2.0.0
  • Migrated to new servers. This will allow for quicker load times and better scaling.
  • Login sessions now last a week, even if the server is reset.
  • Cleaned up inventory, rating and collection pages.
  • Modified filter UI to reduce page space while remaining intuitive.

Minor Update 1.4.0
  • Users can now log in through Google or the brand new Passwordless login. The Passwordless login links your email address to your user account. Any time you want to log in, Sleeve Your Games will send you an email that contains a login link. This allows you to login without the need for a password or the use of social media. If you currently setup your account through Google, you can still use the Passwordless login.
  • Removed Facebook and Board Game Atlas login options. It appears both were not working for a while and with the new login method it seems less necessary.
  • Cleaned up inventory, rating and collection pages.